Cognitive-Behavioral Christian Counseling | Johnson City TN

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I frequently get the question; “What type of counseling should I look for?” The research says that “Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling” is the most effective, however here in Johnson City TN religious faith beliefs are also very important to us.

What is the difference between these two forms of counseling?

Glad you asked!

First, let’s define each of these forms of counseling and then consider if they can be integrated into a more holistic form of Cognitive Behavioral Christian Counseling. Read More

Choice Counseling | FREE Initial Telephone Consults | Johnson City TN

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Choice Counseling in Johnson City TN is offering Free Initial Telephone Consults for new Clients.

Developing an effective counseling relationship takes time, effort, and trust. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable with the therapist that you choose.

That is why Doug Fox feels it is important to offer a free initial telephone consult to all new clients. You have to feel like you can work with and trust your therapist or counseling won’t work.

Before you decide who to work with call Doug at 423-502-4158 during regular business hours and discuss what your needs are and decide for yourself if the two of you can work together.


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Doug Fox LPC, MDiv.  (423-502-4158)