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Why Choice Counseling Is The Best Choice For You

If you’re looking for a place where you can be absolutely confident that you will get the highest quality counseling in Johnson City TN, or the Tri-Cities area for that matter, then you’ve found the right place, Choice Counseling.

About Choice Counseling

Doug Fox, owner of Choice Counseling, truly cares about “you” and helping you get what you need. Doug understands the effectiveness of conventional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Christian values, therefore he understands and uses the perfect blend of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and Christian Counseling. Doug affectionately calls it, Cognitive Behavioral Christian Counseling.

Doug Fox understands that “The quality of our lives depends on the Choices we make“. However, sometimes life gets a little too overwhelming and we forget how to make those “right choices“. Doug’s mission is to give you wise counsel to help you to make the right choices again, and that is why he calls his practice, “Choice” – Counseling.

More About Doug Fox

Doug Fox became a licensed professional counselor after working in Sales and Marketing with several Fortune 500 companies for 15 years and then owning his own business for 10 years.  After discovering success in business, Doug decided to finish the work he began in Psychology as an undergrad.

Doug completed his Masters of Divinity in Christian Care and Counseling at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in 2006 and his Masters in Counseling from ETSU in 2008. After his academic training he worked as an intern and resident at the Johnson City Medical Center and Woodridge Hospital both as a Chaplain and therapist. He completed his supervised training with Mountain States Outpatient Psychiatry and Employee Consultants.

Doug remarked, “I have been blessed with many excellent learning opportunities and many great mentors. My goal is now to begin to give back to my clients the richness of my learning and to help them experience more fulfilling lives.”

The development of a private practice (Choice Counseling) is a capstone achievement in Doug’s eyes. He says “I finally get to do what God has called me to do…help people to holistically improve the quality of their lives.”


Choice Counseling
1907 North Roan St, Suite 205
Johnson City, TN 37601

Phone: (423) 502-4158