Coping with Chronic Pain: Learn to Differentiate Physical Pain from Emotional Suffering

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Here at Choice Counseling in Johnson City TN, we know there are tens of millions of Americans who suffer with Chronic Pain. The most common source is back pain followed closely by chronic joint pain. Both forms of pain can be the result of either injury, disease, or both. Your orthopedic doctor can treat the physiological illness. A pain management specialist may be called in to treat physical pain that can not be relieved.

But all of these forms of medicine are designed to only treat the physical pain associated with your illness or injury.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself if you suffer with “chronic pain”

1. How big is emotional pain when compared to my physical pain?

2. What can I do to help relieve the emotional suffering associated with chronic physical pain?

3. Where can I learn these skills?


Here are some answers!


 How big is emotional pain when compared to physical pain?

Studies conducted at the University of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston by Jon Kabat-Zinn have measured up to a 30% perceived reduction in chronic pain when individuals complete their stress reduction program.  These figures are based upon a broad range of individuals with a wide variety of pain management issues.

Anyone having experience with chronic pain knows how stressful coping with it can be. Ask yourself, “If I could learn to cope more effectively with the stress of my chronic, life debilitating pain how much better would I feel?”


What can I do to help relieve the emotional suffering associated with chronic physical pain?

Learn how to relax…easier said than done, but developing relaxation skills is one of the keys to reducing stress, anxiety and depression associated with chronic pain. At the stress reduction clinic at Mass General they teach clients to practice relaxation breathing and mindfulness meditation; two specific behavioral skills that when used together help people to move from wrestling with their pain to more effectively living and working with their pain.


Where can I learn these coping skills in Johnson City, Tennessee?

Aren’t you glad I asked?

At Choice Counseling, Doug Fox LPC specializes in working with clients who suffer with chronic pain. Doug has studied the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and uses many of the techniques taught buy the stress reduction clinic at Mass General. You can learn about these techniques for yourself either by reading John Kabat-Zinn’s book “Full Catastrophe Living” or by scheduling an appointment to meet and work with Doug and Choice Counseling located at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the Castle Clinic in Johnson City, TN.

As well, you are invited to participate in a free seminar titled “Coping with Chronic Pain“that Doug is offering at the Castle Clinic on Tuesday September 13th , 2011, from 7pm till 8:30 pm. If you miss this free seminar, call Doug at 423-502-4158 to discuss your chronic pain issues and to schedule an appointment.


Hope you find this information helpful and if I can be of help…call me for an appointment.

Doug Fox LPC, MHSP, M.Div.

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