Choice Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Christian Counseling helps to integrate mind, body and spirit by resolving emotional and spiritual stressors that negatively affect the body. Doug’s theological and psychological training prepare him to treat the whole person.

As a Christian Counselor

As a counselor, Doug believes free will is a gift from God. The gift of free will applies to every choice in our daily life, including the decision to honor God with our choices. Everyone experiences difficulty making decisions in life as an individual, couple, or family. Doug is committed to helping people work through emotional and relational problems, overcome fears, restore faith, and rediscover hope.

As a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

The most common therapeutic model is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). A basic theoretical belief integral to CBT is that your emotions will change if you are able to think and act differently about a problem. Doug will work with you using CBT techniques to help you rediscover hope through faith to overcome your emotional fears. Faith is an important part of CBT and Acceptance therapy.

Call today to rediscover hope, healing, and improved mental health. There is no cost for an initial telephone consult; 423-502-4158.